There are lots of ways to boost your income, it may just take some research to discover what works best for you and some effort to get started.  One thing for sure though, you may well be improving your situation through good discipline and budgeting – but a bit of extra cash will always be handy!  Check out these few income boosting tips, and sign up for FREE to receive a full list of strategies below.

Make money with your hobby

Many of us have a hobby that we are passionate about. If you are creative, you could open an Etsy store or sell your wares on Gumtree or ebay. You could even set up a YouTube channel showing how to make your product, to help increase your following. Perhaps you dabble in graphic design for fun, or love fiddling with new technology. All of these things may be in demand with your friend or local network, and could be offered at a price.

Sell, sell, sell!

We all have old things, unused items, clothes we are sick of, clothes we haven’t worn, toys, books, baby clothes etc clogging up our cupboards and garages. Sell these items on ebay or gumtree or have a regular garage sale. These little things really do add up. Whilst you are wandering around your local weekend market, keep an eye open for second hand items of clothing (brand names are best) that are being sold off cheaply. These are great for selling on ebay. You know what they say about one man’s trash…

Online surveys

You may need to work at this for a while, but online surveys can usually be done anywhere, at anytime on mobile devices (while you are on the bus home from work; or waiting for the kids to finish school) or PC’s. Survey sites generally invite you to earn points in exchange for completing their online surveys on a range of topics from the performance of the latest multi-purpose cleaner on the market, to your favourite flavour of ice cream. Do you research as to the best site for you, but some of the common ones are My View, Opinion World, Pure Profile and Rewards Central.

Profit from photographs

If you are a keen photographer, you can upload good quality digital photographs to stock photo websites, like Shutterstock or Dreamstime or iStockphoto. Each have there own stipulations and payment schemes that you need to research, but mostly you earn royalties for each one sold. A nice way to earn a passive income.

Get a second job

It might sound obvious, but getting a second job can usually boost your income significantly. You may need to get some taxation advice, just to make sure it is all worth it, but many people work a second job to help boost their savings that bit more quickly. Make sure you choose a job or industry that you like – maybe even a cafe, restaurant or bar that you like to visit socially (you may then get a staff discount!). Perhaps you like sport, and decide to work in a sports store, or you love a particular brand of clothes so you choose to work for that particular store (again, clothing discounts may apply!).

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