Interest minimisation will slash years off your mortgage.

Paying your home loan off is a goal we all work very hard to achieve.  At Budgeting Works, we have a track record that will show you how this can be achieved as our founder Kris Bondin did pay his home loan off in under 3 years.  Let us show you how this can be done by simply following the same process and you too can be mortgage free.

Watch the video below to see Kris being interviewed on how he did it.

How we do it:

Loan Reduction Program

Pay off your home loan sooner

A full review of cash flow is performed to understand where your money is going and a detailed budget is created.

Debt Relief Program

Reduce your debt burden

A detailed report is created clearly illustrating how much interest can be saved following the plan and how many years sooner you’re home loan is paid off.

Personal Budgeting Program

Track repayments and years remaining

Having a plan is one thing, following it can be challenging so that’s why we will track all income and expenditure on a daily basis and providing detailed reporting to ensure you’re accountable.


Proven.  I did it, so can you

Following the process will have you owning your home sooner putting you in a fantastic position to start building wealth for retirement.

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